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How Long Does It Take To Detox From THC?

Detoxing from THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, is a process that varies widely depending on how often and how much of the drug has been used. For casual users or those who haven’t smoked in weeks, it can be as little as three days to rid your body of the chemical and pass a drug test. However, for chronic or heavy users it can take several weeks or months before all traces of THC are eliminated from the body. In this article we will explore the different factors that influence how long THC stays in your system, provide tips for speeding up detoxification time, and discuss the options available with drug test detox kits

THC Metabolism & Detection Times 

When you consume marijuana – whether by smoking, vaping, eating edibles or applying a topical oil – delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) enters your bloodstream and eventually makes its way into fatty tissues throughout your body. As it breaks down inside these tissues it forms metabolites which are then reabsorbed by the bloodstream and expelled through urine and feces. Different people metabolize drugs at different rates based on genetics, age, diet and other factors however generally speaking between one-third to one-half of THC is eliminated within 24 hours after consumption while most is removed within five days [1]. The length of time that detectable amounts remain in the body depends upon detection thresholds set by testing labs so even after all the metabolites have been flushed out there may still be small traceable amounts remaining according to standards established by employers or law enforcement agencies. 

The amount of time that THC remains detectable also depends on what type of drug test is used: 

  • Urine Test: 3-30 Days 
  • Hair Follicle Test: 90 Days (3 Months) 
  • Saliva Test: 1-7 Days 

Each method has its own pros and cons however urine tests are currently considered the most accurate form of screening since they measure active levels rather than passive drug residue like hair follicle tests [2]. This means that if you abstain from using cannabis for just a few days prior to testing you should be able to clear most – if not all – traceable elements from your system regardless of frequency or quantity consumed.  


No matter how long it takes everyone’s body must first break down cannabis molecules fully before they can be eliminated. By following some simple guidelines such as drinking plenty water exercising regularly eating healthy foods taking vitamin b supplements or using a quality detox kit you should be able get rid toxins safely quickly effectively thus passing upcoming screening processes without fail


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