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What Are The Student Loan And Fund Options With Bad Credit In Canada?

Studying abroad is every other student’s dream and why not? You get to live independently, experience a whole new country, make new connections all the while strengthening your career. Canada is one of the most popular countries among students to receive further higher education. Not only do their universities appear in the list of the best universities across the globe, tuition fees are much more reasonable when compared to other English-speaking countries. But even with a lenient fee structure you may find it difficult to bear the expense without drilling a hole of debt in your bank account. The easiest way out of such a heavy burden is to opt for student loans and financial aids offered. However, the biggest criteria of being eligible for such loans and funds are to have a good credit score. So what can you do to study in Canada if you have a bad credit score? Give up on your dream and settle for some random university? Ofcourse not. There are numerous ways to acquire loans and funds even with a bad credit in Canada. Below stated are some routes you can look into.

  • RESP Program:

This program has been made for especially parents who are hopeful and enthusiastic about sending their child to the best possible universities in Canada. The RESP program enables parents to begin saving up for their child’s future from an early stage by accumulating money in a savings account ensuring that when they are of age they can easily send their wards of to the university desired. This method is a safe and secure process and you can count on Knowledge First Financial to help establish your child’s future. For further information and research on this specific program you can visit

  • The Federal Government of Canada:

The Federal Government of Canada is known to offer two specific programs that can help students with their higher studies. CSLP or the Canada Student Loan Program offers educational loans and CSGP or Canadian Student Grants Program offers grants or funds to students are struggling monetarily. These programs are made available for students with a bad credit score as well.

  • Provincial and Territorial Governments of Canada:

There may be circumstances under which you are denied federal loans. The next best option after this would be opt for provincial or territorial loans. This program offers you loans and funds based on your province so the rules and regulations may vary. For example; Students residing in Ontario, Newfoundland, British Columbia are eligible for receiving only one integrated loan from the government while students from regions such as Nova Scotia, Alberta, Manitoba etc can receive both provincial and federal loans at the same time thereby receiving two separate loan opportunities.

  • Acquire a cosigner:

If you have looked into all the government offered initiatives and haven’t found the right aid yet or require additional financial aid, your best bet is to find a cosigner. A cosigner maybe anyone you know, a family member, a distant relative, a close friend etc, anyone with a good or positive credit history is eligible to act as your cosigner. A cosigner will help you acquire private loans and lines of credit from various banks. However it is important to remember that private loans maybe acquiring private loans are relatively easy but they must be payed back in full and banks usually charge a very high rate of interest so it will ultimately end up draining your assets.

Yes, a good credit score will ensure you have easier access to student loans and funds but having a bad credit score is not the end of the world. All you need is a little research in the respective field to help see you through. You can also take the help of a organizations such as Knowledge First Financial to guide you through the entire process thereby making your job much simpler.