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Affordable Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

There is no denying the fact that you and your best friend has gone through a lot of things together. When a special occasion comes up, it is nothing but important to get your best buddy the best gift ever. If you have no idea for a gift and is running low on cash, fret not, because we got you.

These are the different geschenkideen für beste freundin. Check them out!

Wine mug

A wine mug that also doubles as a coffee much, how great is that? Your friend will truly appreciate the gesture and he or she will be reminded of you every time that have a coffee or wine break. This is just a small and simple gift, but it is definitely the thought that counts.


Get your friend a backpack that he or she will definitely love. This is such a sweet gesture because you know that backpacks are very important. It will also be fun for you when picking it out because you get to dig deeper into your friend’s brain to find out what style they will like.

Set of Photo clips and strings

Photo frames are out, and a photo clip is in! Even if you and your bestie does not live far from each other, this is still a great way to commemorate all your photos together. This is also a great addition to your friends’ room.

Bath Bombs

As the name suggests, bath bombs are the bomb. Your best friend will definitely enjoy it. These bombs are incorporated with essential oils and these promote relaxation, lessen stress and rejuvenates the body with energy. You can choose from a wide variety of sets of bath bombs online and you can go with different scents as well. Your bestie will definitely love these!

Personalized friendship bracelets or necklaces

Another great gift is personalized bracelets and necklaces. You can get each one for all your friends within the squad. This is more than just a physical gift but also a promise that you will always have each other’s backs. All of you will grow old and might grow apart in the future but this friendship jewelry will always remind you that you have someone always cheering you on from afar.

Go on a trip!

Have you been planning to go on a trip since forever? Why not make finally make it happen on in time for your bestie’s birthday or to celebrate any special occasion. It doesn’t have to be somewhere expensive. You can always go hiking or camping by the beach. There are lots of ways to save on money when traveling and with enough research, you can definitely achieve an amazing trip without breaking the bank.


Last but definitely not the least, makeup! This goes out to all the girl squad out there. Gift your friend with brand new makeup and have fun trying them on! Take turns in putting each other’s makeup and this way, you can practice your skills.

Electric rates set to decrease; RPS customers see savings from contract with new power provider

The new rate schedule was formally introduced at Tuesday’s commission meeting and is expected to be on the agenda for final approval June 25. If adopted, the reduced rates would take effect in July, meaning RPS customers would first see the impact on bills received in early August. 

The rate reduction is planned as a means to “appropriately reduce everyone’s electric bill” in light of a new power-provider contract that RPS signed in 2011 with Denver-based Enserco Energy and that kicked in earlier this year. The contract has a fixed power price for its 10-year life, creating savings to RPS that the utility is passing on to its customers. RPS had previously purchased its power from the Lamar, Colo.-based Arkansas River Power Authority.

According to RPS, residential customers with average electricity use (700-kilowatt hours per month) will see a reduction in their bills by $6.39 a month if in the urban-residential category and $10.20 a month if in the rural-residential category.

RPS also says monthly bill decreases in other categories for customers with average power use will be $15.66 for small commercial, $93.49 for large commercial, and $1,810.39 for large light and power.

One category, security lighting, will see an increase in its rate because the previous rate failed to adequately cover the costs involved with the lighting, according to RPS General Manager David Mitchell. That rate will increase by $1.20 per month for the average-use customer.

The introduction of the new rate schedule came at the same meeting this week at which the city commission approved attaching a $6 charge to RPS bills to collect additional revenue that will come to the city to bolster a struggling budget, with one of the first priorities for the money being the hiring of two more police officers, city officials have said. Mayor Bobby Ledoux pointed out that with the electricity-cost decrease, RPS customers will see a reduction in the overall amount on their bills even with the city government’s $6 addition, which is not connected to RPS rates.

The RPS rate reduction comes following a cost-of-service study completed for RPS by Kentucky-based consulting firm Prime Group. The ordinance containing the new rate schedule says the revised schedule was developed “on the basis of need” as determined by the study. The ordinance also says the new rate schedule allows RPS its desired 7-percent rate of return, or rate of profit, which “is well in line with other utilities.”

Mitchell has said the Enserco contract should offer local business owners some “certainty” and “confidence” about their long-term electric costs being stable. According to the contract, the only thing that would trigger a rate adjustment to RPS would be if federal regulators instituted any new taxes or fees on Enserco, such as a carbon tax that has been discussed. Enserco would pass on the new costs to RPS, which would likely pass those costs on to its customers.

Enserco is a subsidiary of Black Hills Corporation, a 130-year-old Rapid City, S.D.-based company that, along with selling wholesale power to other utilities, operates its own electric and natural gas utilities in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska. The company also produces oil and natural gas in New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming and is involved in a coal mine in Wyoming.

Dental Implant Procedure Tecate

About Dental Implant Procedure. The gum diseases (periodontal disease) are the most common cause that makes our teeth fall, they are slow and subtle but if untreated they end with teeth, tooth loss, dental hygiene is very important to stop this.

One thing that causes gum disease, is the plaque that forms on your teeth all the time, without you knowing it and when it accumulates it can be hardened into tartar in just 24 hrs. At that point, only your dentist is going to be able to remove it, that is why we should have always proper oral hygiene, dental products that can help us avoid it are available at any store.

Gingivitis is a very common gum disease, that if left untreated it is going to progress to periodontitis and ultimately the loosing of our teeth.

The most common sign of gingivitis is bleeding gums, receding gums that form pockets, where bacteria grow, red swollen or tender gums, this causes bad breath, the cure is available at this stage and you should see your dentist know what you need.

To cure gingivitis, treatments are affordable and easy. We don’t have to wait until we have periodontitis to do something about it, we can cure gum diseases, treatments can be given by our dentist and we can avoid losing our teeth.

When you have good dental health but you lost one or more teeth you can always turn to the dental implant procedure, they feel and look as if they were your natural teeth.

The dental implants are made by periodontists, dental specialists, dentists like them can answer all your questions and give you the information you need to make an informed decision about the implants or dentures and about the procedures.

The procedure usually takes 2 surgeries, in the first one the jaw bone is exposed and the metal anchor is placed, then the dentist closes the incision. You will have to wait three to six months and the dentist is going to uncover the implant and put a healing abutment like a temporary crown. With this, your gum will grow to almost a natural teeth gum and then the prosthetic tooth that was made before is attached to the anchor.

The implants are made of titanium because it can be easily incorporated with abutments to the bone. When you lose your teeth remember that you can always find a solution to it through a dental implant procedure.

Massive Anti-Terror March in Paris Missed Point About Freedom

At its most basic level, the attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo was about suppressing freedom. The Islamic terrorists, angry at how their religion was being portrayed, decided to stop the mockery via murder.

That is the most violent way to censor someone but not the only method.

At least 3.7 million people “rallied” in France.

Back in 2008, where were these protesters as aging French movie star Brigette Bardot was fined about $23,000 for saying that Muslims were ruining France. Her charge was incited racial hatred.

Or what about in 2013 when a British bishop was fined about $2,500 for denying the Holocaust? What did he say that was so horrible?

“I believe that the historical evidence, the historical evidence is strongly against, is, is, hugely against, six million Jews having been deliberately gassed in gas chambers as a deliberate policy of Adolf Hitler.


“Germany has paid out billions and billions of Deutschmarks and now Euros because the Germans have a guilt complex about their having gassed six million Jews, but I don’t think six million Jews were gassed.”

Where were the angry mobs protecting freedom back in 2010 when Nigel Farge was fined about $4,500 “following his attack on the credentials of the European Council president, Herman van Rompuy, last week.”

As Mr. Farge later said:

Free speech is expensive in Brussels.

Looking at the situation one must come to the conclusion that the only reason 3.7 million people “rallied” in Paris was because violence was committed. In the three earlier cases, freedom was suppressed and people were injured, albeit financially.

I find it rather ironic that people in Europe decide to stand up for freedom but yet don’t seem to have any problems censoring other people.

Is it any wonder their quest is doomed to fail before it has even begun? Freedom is messy but once you start censoring one group and not another and begin making judgments about whose speech is “protected” and whose isn’t you’ve lost the high ground and everything that comes from it is tainted.

Dentist in Mexico Tecate Dentist Tijuana

Information on Dentist in Mexico Tecate Dentist Tijuana. In Mexico and particularly at the border with the United States, there has been significant growth in the medic and dentists community all because of the number of people coming down to the Mexican cities of Acuna, Progreso, Tecate, Tijuana etc. for a consultor for an “Ortodoncia” how we call it here. That is due to the low prices and of course to the quality that the Mexican dentists have to offer that in many cases is better than the one in the U.S. because of the personal treatment that the patients receive.

Particularly the orthodontists have seen a higher demand of their services, and that is because now a lot of problems can be solved in the early childhood and the most used treatment in this age is the use of the braces.

In Tecate like in Tijuana, you can find the dentist, orthodontist or cosmetic dentist that you need for your dental care. We all know that our teeth are a big part of our appearance and they can give a good or a bad impression, so we have to take really good care of them, who haven’t bought the whitening strips? If we calculate how much we are spending on those besides the fact that they aren’t comfortable and many times we don’t use them as we have too, we are spending more and not getting the results we want, it’s better and cheaper to go to the dentist to get the teeth whitening treatment and in just one session we are done.

Our health also depends on our mouth, for that we have to put attention to it and give it the best treatments that we can, all of us at one point or another are going to need a crown or a filling for our teeth and Tijuana and Tecate offers good dentists and orthodontists to choose from depending on our needs of location, prices, and if this is not enough the majority accept insurance.

All across the border (California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas) you can find on the Mexican side dentists that will offer you low prices and they are going to treat you kindly and this is very important on a dentist because almost everyone is at some level afraid of an injection or a root canal, the dentists in Mexico try to make their work for you as comfortable as possible to reduce the fear to go to the dentist that everyone feels sometimes.

So don’t think it twice, we have to take good care of our teeth because we only have one set, well ok, we have two, but the first one doesn’t last that much and even that needs care, forget about being afraid of the dentists, here in Mexico we make you fill comfortable, and don’t hesitate about our cost, a great alternative is to come to the best dentist in Mexico Tecate. Dentist Tijuana and all around Baja California are the solutions.

Stop the ACLU: Backwards logic

So the perfectly sane people at Stop the ACLU have come up with a new one: Blame the ACLU for things the ACLU isn’t even involved in.

First, some background. A school in Pennsylvania told a kid that he couldn’t wear a Jesus costume to his school’s Halloween party. You don’t need me to tell you that something like that is ridiculous. Ed Brayton summed it up nicely:

There are some close calls when it comes to church/state questions and the public schools, but this isn’t one of them. If you’re having kids dress up for halloween, you can’t forbid them dressing up as religious figures. This isn’t a close call and it doesn’t require a law degree; it’s basic common sense. If you can’t get that one right, you’ve got no business running a school.

Makes sense, right? Well, not to Stop The ACLU. This is what they have to say about it.

One may say, “The ACLU is not involved in this and if they were, they’d be on the student’s side.” That may be accurate, but the ACLU cannot escape the fact that its fingerpirnts are on every case like this. The ACLU has spent nearly a century promoting its twisted separationist doctrine and have been wildly successful in imposing intimidation and ignorance on generations of Americans. So no matter if it is directly involved, the ACLU bears responsibility.

Riiiight. So because the ACLU fights to keep schools from imposing religion on students, they are directly responsible for a principal not being able to understand the difference between government sponsored religion and a student’s right to free expression? How ridiculously stupid do you have to be to buy this argument? You have to be so full of hatred, so blinded by the gobs of spittle emanating from your mouth when you froth about this stuff, that you don’t even realize that this is the kind of thing that the ACLU has always stood for.

To the mouth-breathers at Stop the ACLU: May you all mistake your Preparation H for your toothpaste. You are sick, sick people.

Addressing the digital skills gap with #techmums

Plenty of people, myself included, have chuntered on about the digital skills gap that threatens economic growth in the UK. That if we don’t address the language skills that we presume we’ll need in the 21st Century (Mandarin and coding), then we’ll be left behind. And we add to that the comedy angle – how intuitive the kids are, compared to the parents and isn’t it funny how the kids mastered the iPad so quickly?

Very few of us have looked at the issue and seen the iniquity – yes, women are under-represented in the tech industry; yes parents need to learn new skills just as much as their children do. And yes – that can actually be a way out of economic hardship.

Dr. Sue Black is a remarkable woman. She’s reinvented herself (she blogged that story here) and become one of the most significant people in the UK tech scene. She has understood how technology and an understanding of it, can transform lives and create new opportunities. And she’s taking that experience making it practical.

I first encountered Dr. Black with Unbound, where I do a spot of work occasionally, where she crowd-funded a book about Bletchley Park in three days – and now she’s taken that networking talent into creating #techmums.

#techmums is a drive to take women who are in the drudgery of low-horizon jobs that come from basing your work hours around school drop-off and pick-up, and re-skill them with the kind of tech skills that can empower them to understand the internet better, and drive their own businesses and pull themselves and their families out of poverty. It’s based around schools because that’s why so many women’s routines are centered and because better skillsets can help women back into the workforce once the children become self-sufficient. And it doesn’t just change the mother’s horizons, it changes the family outlook too.

Nicholas Soar, the head of Bishop Challoner, one school that’s hosting the programme, said in The Guardian:

“I saw the massive impact it had on both family and child. So many parents don’t know how to track or monitor their child’s internet footprint, nor do they have any sense of how to programme in a computing language. The parents’ own fears create a parallel reluctance in their daughters to approach computing and computer science. But #techmums has increased confidence and self-esteem that sets them apart from people who haven’t completed the course.”

But it’s early days and the crowdfunding is still going on – those of us who gather around our Macs and bemoan the shortfall in digital skills should look and wonder at someone who’s doing something about it. And then we should join in.

The Web Empowers the Vocal Minority

Shouldn’t empowerment be considered a good thing? I am going to submit in this case that it may not be the case. The ‘net has really given everyone a voice, so wouldn’t you think that the majority would be heard and win out in the end. I’m not so sure. I think the most active we tend to see are the vocal minority, troublemakers, and generally speaking, the people with the most time on their hands. We get a lot of arguments, insults and complaining by those that think they can say whatever they want online because they have a computer, Internet access and a public forum to voice their opinion.

Of course, that is not to say that everyone that posts online or writes things falls in this category. The reason for this post is to point out the highly active ones that seem to travel the superhighway with a virtual chip on their shoulder, feeling perpetually wronged.

I have managed a variety of sites over my tenure online. Most of them have ended up having some sort of support or customer forum to invite participation and hopefully improvement through the community. On the whole, this tends to work, but it also leaves you wide open to the whiners, the incoherent and those just looking to cause problems. When you provide any way for people to post publicly or communicate via email, you open the doors to all kinds. And believe me, you will hear from them.

Why is it that people feel like it is ok to say things online that you would never consider saying if you were standing face to face? People jump right up to hand out the insults and put down anything that opposes what they think. Why is it this vocal group tends to fall back on the logic generally used by people under the age of 10, yet proclaim themselves to be smarter than you because of their extensive experience and schooling. Why is it the hostility flows unabated at the slightest written word that can be interpreted (read that twisted) as offending for whatever reason.

At times I like to post comments on websites by my local TV stations and newspapers where they make them available. I enjoy some interaction with people that have had an interest in reading and sharing their thoughts on a topic. I don’t mind a little healthy debate if intelligent and decent points are brought up. What I can’t stand are the trolls that throw in inflammatory comments simply to get a rise out of others. Trolls are typically easy to spot and are best handled by ignoring them. There are others even more annoying – those that throw out their opinion – usually opposite of the majority – laden with sharp comments, daring anyone to disagree and preempting the dissenting comments with a call of stupidity and ignorance to the parties that do. I so appreciate systems that let you “vote” such comments down, so as a group the sane thinking types can get such comments stricken or at least hidden.

Back to the “minority” aspect of this post, particularly as it applies to customer support forums. What I find is that so often those that think they have a valid argument, especially when they feel wronged, assume that everyone agrees with their position. They throw up their comments and if they don’t get the supportive response they expect, begin to call into question the integrity of the site, system and anything else they can throw in there. If ever told they are the only one, or perhaps one of a handful of people in their situation, this is called a lie and a part of some big conspiracy against them.

More typically, especially in a support situation, it is not a lie, it is really the truth. What happens when you get something shipped to you on time, in good shape and everything is as expected. Typically you say nothing and go on your merry way. Sure, a few zealots make sure to say thanks or offer their commendation, but usually, you don’t hear from them. In the world of commerce, no news is generally good news. Who you do hear from is people with something that went wrong. That is ok though because you typically want to help fix the wrong. When they call into question your practices and claim that this must be a fraudulent act against the entire customer base, that is a problem. More often than not, they typically are the one in a thousand that had a problem. Even if they did find a dozen others with problems, that is not too bad if the same ratios hold true. It is still your responsibility to “fix” the situation, but the fact that these people have an outlet makes them feel strong and empowered.

So is this a good thing that they can air their problems to the generally satisfied public in the interest of finding support for their position? If there truly is a problem, then yes. Just because something runs against the grain or voices displeasure, it shouldn’t be immediately be labeled as wrong. But, and I submit this generally not pointing to anything specific, if they are actually in the wrong, it only serves to damage the reputation of a company in a manner that is both unfair and untrue. What ends up happening is that companies move to protect themselves and the services that would otherwise help the average consumer, i.e. forums, help centers, knowledge bases, etc., get removed.

Once a company doesn’t provide these services, the outraged and supposedly wronged groups head out to other outlets to find the attention they so desperately seek. They start up “anti” sites, their own forums, or in what I consider the worst case scenarios, they post virtual fraud reports at sites designed for that purpose. Have you seen these sites? I think they were all created with good intentions, but what ends up happening generally is a lot of company bashing by people that didn’t get their way. Whether they are justified in their position or not, they have an outlet and they use it to the fullest. I have read hundreds of posts on these kinds of sites, usually for entertainment purposes. Most posts so often throw in every accusation they can, along with some obvious “impressions” of the truth in order to feel good about their vengeance against the company. In the end, the company either has to give in to the unfounded position, or lose face and likely some customers who believe the drivel out there. I really don’t believe the vigilant justice systems work all that well, but I give them their due for at least making an effort.

Is there a solution to this situation? Any time there is an opportunity for open communication, you leave yourself open to all types. In the case of the Internet, we are creating a new breed that knows no bounds. With the distance from your intended recipient and the feeling of anonymity provided by the ‘net, more people feel like they can get away with anything. No matter what they are in “normal” live, they can be whatever kind of person they want online. This grand and powerful ability can be used for good and bad, and I am afraid the bad side of this can have strong repercussions.

My only hope is that as the Web 2.0 continues to emerge (where the audience provides the content and drives people to it), there will continue to be born better systems to let the best of the web shine through while keeping the rest under wraps. I believe there should be a place on the web for most everything, but also the ability to allow it to exist or not exist wherever intended.

Cars Have Made Traveling Comfortable

In olden days horse driven carriages and walking were the means of transportation. But as years passed, with a lot of efforts and brain function of a lot of people, the contemporary day car was produced. The evolution of vehicles began with steam engines and moved on to fuel and gas-powered engines and millions of automobiles are on the road right now. Owning a car is no much more a luxury these days. It has to turn into an essential item in each and every household when traveling with the family members. Auto is an extremely helpful investment, and If you make a decision to purchase an auto, there are an assortment of makes introduced by the manufacturing businesses. There are really costly vehicles like Mercedes Benz and BMW and there are also low-cost cars like the Nano introduced by Tata Motors in India. You can pick in between buying new cars and utilized autos. If you are going in for new vehicles, you can choose which model you want according to your spending budget, you can select the color, pick the type of upholstery you prefer, regardless of whether leather or cloth, decide on accessories like audio technique, navigation program etc and you can also test drive the auto. And you do not have to worry about funds, due to the fact of buying a car is quite simple these days. Most of the banks today offer vehicle loan to buy new vehicles at reasonable interest rates.

Auto shows are conducted every single year and these shows attract a lot of automobile lovers. These shows are an exhibition of diverse sorts of automobiles and the North American International Auto Show is among the most prestigious auto shows in the world. You can see the vehicles, compare the prices, get to know the attributes of the cars and uncover out which vehicle suits your budget. It is a non-selling event and automobile lovers get a chance to see many sorts of vehicles like old cars, new vehicles and idea vehicles and some space is also allotted for vintage cars.

Idea vehicles are utilized as experimental projects. Without changing the standard structure of the automobile, car manufacturers make minor styling and alteration and alter the entire appearance of the auto, giving it a new appear. They look different from the original auto in design and look. Some concept cars are truly interesting, whereas some do not capture the attention of the people.

The 2011 Detroit Auto Show provided 10 new vehicles which are worth waiting for. They are 2012 BMW 1 Series M Coupe, Cadillac CTS-V Coupe SCCA Racer, 2011 Chrysler 300, 2012 Fiat 500 Mopar, 2012 Ford C-Max, 2011 Hyundai Veloster, Mini Paceman Idea, Porsche 918 RSR, 2012 Toyota Prius V, and 2012 Volkswagon Passat.

The auto industry is experiencing increased sales extremely year and simply because of the elevated demand for cars and the stiff competition in the automobile marketplace has created automobile producers introduce distinct models of vehicles with new attributes and technologies to attract buyers. Vehicles have improved the standard of life of the men and women by connecting urban life and city life and it has created traveling quite comfortable.

Coffee Espresso Machine: Tips for Buying the Perfect One for You

Imagine your self relaxing into your preferred chair, at your favorite table by the window, holding your warm cappuccino. You savor the aroma and admire the frothy, foamy peak your barista brought to life. It is nice and peaceful. No noisy chatter. Just quiet.

And here’s the best portion: your vehicle keys are sitting on your dresser, and you are still in your pajamas. And that talented barista who has mastered the art of foam? That is you! You’ve developed your own quaint small cafe proper here at home, with your extremely own coffee espresso machine.

Think this is impossible? Believe once more! There are several diverse sorts of espresso machines on the marketplace that are created especially for house use, ranging from extremely simple and affordable, right up to the same machines utilized by specialist baristas.

Even so, ahead of you rush into investing in a coffee espresso machine, take some time to do your homework and think about your wants and preferences. How typically do you strategy to make espresso drinks at home? Do you also drink a lot of brewed coffee? (Some machines have dual brewing capabilities.) How critical is the milk frothing capability to you? If you have preferences in any locations such as these, this will help you narrow down the possibilities.

Also, contemplate any preferences you may possibly have about how your espresso drinks are produced. For instance, my favorite part of an espresso shot is the crema – that’s the caramel-colored, creamy foam that forms on a perfectly pulled shot. When you pour shots from a shot glass into the mug, most of the crema gets left behind, so I prefer a coffee espresso machine that is tall enough to fit the entire mug, so I can appreciate the entire shot in my drink.

Here are the fundamental types of coffee espresso machines on the market:

What is the Pump Coffee Espresso Machine?

This is the very best but most costly kind of machine to buy. The pump coffee espresso machine is known as this since they use a pump to maintain the water pressure at the suitable level, which produces the greatest and most consistent shot of espresso. These machines are mainly produced for commercial use, and are usually quite huge, heavy, and noisy, but can be employed at the property.

About the Piston Coffee Espresso Machine

This sort of machine utilizes a piston or lever system to manually preserve the optimum pressure required for a fantastic shot of espresso. This type of coffee espresso machine requires little maintenance and is much quieter than the pump machines. Nevertheless, the lever might need a good deal of arm strength to preserve the pressure at the appropriate level, and it may well take some practice to get the timing down. But if you are willing to experiment and function out the procedure, you’ll be rewarded with a great shot and a sense of accomplishment.

About the Steam Coffee Espresso Machine

This type of coffee espresso machine is typically smaller, quickly accessible and comparatively cost-effective, utilizing heat to generate steam instead of a pump or piston to create the pressure. Whilst the lower costs are certainly an advantage for steam machines, if you’re quite certain about the good quality of your espresso shots, you may locate that the steam does not constantly produce the optimum pressure for the best tasting coffee. Also, sustaining sufficient steam to both pull shots and steam milk at the exact same time is at times hard.

About Moka Pots

This sort of machine costs the least of all the options and requires only your stovetop. The Moka pot is a two-part pot which utilizes boiling water and the steam to produce pressure, which pushes the boiling water up by means of the espresso grounds rather than gravity basically pulling heated what down. The coffee tastes excellent, but given that you can’t froth milk with a Moka pot, it is not for you if you actually like your lattes and cappuccinos. But if you like an excellent espresso or a shot in the dark (brewed coffee with a shot of espresso added) and have a limited spending budget, give the Moka pot a try.

Do not be put off by the high costs on a coffee espresso machine. Take a few moments to think about what that everyday latte is costing you. A latte can cost you as much as. If you’re like me, you average about 5 a week. That is five a year! Over the course of time, you may possibly find that dropping the money when the up front is worth the investment – especially when you take into account the convenience of enjoying your favorite espresso beverage at a house.

So take a little time to contemplate each of these alternatives and how they fit with your preferences and wants. Whichever coffee espresso machine you choose to produce your own cafe at home, you’ll be making your own espresso drinks for you and your friends and family – with or with no the frothy foam peaks – in no time.