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What is Ghost Surgery and Can You Sue?

Ghost surgery is a fairly obscure term used to describe the practice of substituting one surgeon for another without the patient’s knowledge. This is growing increasingly common under managed health care regimes where surgeons are spread too thin and often have scheduling conflicts with other procedures. Since the patient is voluntarily unconscious, the surgeon can be interchanged for another, and in most cases the patient is none-the-wiser. But can you sue for ghost surgery if such a procedure results in a complication, or even if it doesn’t?

In most cases, you can sue for ghost surgery if you are harmed in any way, but the difficulty is in discovering whether or not a ghost surgeon was used. Most patients don’t even think to inquire about the surgeon who actually performed the procedure, and even if they do, it might be difficult to learn whether or not it happened to them. Unfortunately, the medical community is frequently as loyal as law enforcement, and an orderly or nurse is unlikely to jeopardize his or her job by testifying for you in court.

To find out if you can sue for ghost surgery, you should hire a lawyer and conduct an investigation together. Talk to everyone present at the hospital on the day of your surgery, and make sure to question receptionists and assistants as well as other physicians. Talk to the surgeon who was supposed to handle your surgery at length; in many cases, physicians will “trip up” and unwittingly give themselves away. That is why it is also helpful to check some marketing to plastic surgeons & cosmetic dentists so you will have some idea about their profiles and the services that they offer.

The legal basis to sue for ghost surgery lies in the Supreme Court decision in 1983 (Perna v. Pirozzi), wherein it was determined that malice and even injury are not required to sue for battery when ghost surgery is discovered. It is a patient’s inherent right to choose his or her own medical professionals, and it is the doctor’s ethical and legal duty to inform said patient about any substitutions.

Ghost surgery can also refer to an occasion when a resident is allowed to perform a surgical procedure under the guidance of a licensed physician. In order for this to be legal, the surgeon must inform the patient that he or she will be treated by the resident, and if he does not, the patient has the right to sue for undisclosed ghost surgery. This is something for every patient to remember whenever he or she goes under the knife.

To prove your ghost surgery lawsuit, you will have to show evidence that your surgery was performed by someone other than the physician assigned to your care, and that you had no knowledge of any substitution whatsoever. In all honesty, most hospitals will cover their legal interests by placing a clause in the contract you signed, so make sure to read all documentation carefully.

The Cyclic Model

The cyclic model is an alternative theory about the origins of the universe, being based around theoretical physics. It speculates how the universe is everlasting and goes through a cycle of events before starting over again. There are many different variations on the cyclic model with the most recent being produced in 2007 called the Baum-Frampton model. This model bases theories upon the existence of phantom energy, a form of dark energy with the equation w less than -1. There is so much that can be learnt about this concept, just as you can learn a lot about the human body from the best bio tutor

The cyclic model was first introduced into the scientific community during the 1930’s by theoretical scientists, including well known scientist Albert Einstein. They considered the possibility that the universe was not one fixed event but a continuous infinite loop of events. These early theories were disproved by Richard C. Tolman and his work on thermodynamics. Tolman used the second law of thermodynamics; that entropy of a system not in balance will tend to increase over time, this means that the next universe would last longer than the current one we are in. This means that as you looked back over previous universes they would survive over a shorter time period ultimately ending up where there is a ‘big bang’ like event, which meant it was not replacing the widely accepted theory.

There are currently two models that have no strong disproving evidence, they are the Steinhardt-Turok model and the Baum-Frampton Model. They explain some flaws in the big bang theory but do have areas of concern where more research is necessary.

The Steinhardt-Turok model was created from a collaboration of Paul Steinhardt from Princeton University and Neil Turok of Cambridge University. Their theory is based upon brane cosmology, the idea that our visible universe is constrained to a brane; an object in higher-dimensional space, inside a higher-dimension or otherwise known as the bulk.

Steinhardt and Turoks model theorizes that the universe was created by two branes colliding in the bulk. This collision causes a big crunch immediately followed by a big bang causing the formation of the next universe. According to the theory our visible universe was created in the most recent collision and some time in the future will stop expanding and start to detract before a big crunch occurs and then a big bang when the next universe will form.

This model has overcome the problem of thermodynamics because at the beginning of each new universe entropy has to start building up again so there is no long time build up of entropy. There are many flaws in this model, these include the fact that currently we do not know of the existence of branes or how they would react in a collision or in the bulk. Also the theory bases many of it crucial ideas on string theory which in itself is a controversial topic among scientists.

Another theory, the Braum-Frampton model, bases itself on the fact that ww is the state of dark energy in the universe. The main backbone behind this model is that it theorises that one trillion-trillionth before the big rip would occur an anomaly would occur due to the dark energy causing a small part of our universe to be left after the big rip; this space would contain nothing but dark energy.

This idea allows the model to overcome many of the downfalls of previous models, avoiding things like difficulties with the contraction of matter, matter going through phase transitions, and by overcoming these difficulties the second law of thermodynamics is not broken by a premature bounce.

In the near future the plank satellite will be launched into space to measure w in 2008, this mission will enable the Braum-Frampton model to progress further and allow it further proofs and it may also disprove the theory as it may discover that w is in fact larger than -1 in which case the Braum-Frampton model will be negligible as it does not work if w is greater than -1.

The main aim for the future for this area of theoretical cosmological would be to prove a cyclic model, but this goal is a long time off and may never be reachable if other theories such as the big bang are ultimately proved. A more attainable goal is to find proof that a cyclic model is possible and have it to a degree where it is on par with current evidence for the big bang theory.

GTA online – Ways to Earn Free Money in GTA5!!!

Different types of methods are available that will help you in earning money in the GTA5. The majority of the folks are searching for money cheats in GTA 5. If you want to purchase the best weapons, vehicles, and properties in a game, then you will have to spend millions of dollars.

 In order to play the GTA5, then it requires healthy bank balance so a person will surely be able to escape the hustling at street level. There are some legitimate methods are available that are giving $200 million dollars. To earn such amount, then a person should invest proper time in the planning and preparation. After completing the story missions and other heists, you can easily earn money.  The majority of the beginner players are already earning a significant amount of chips in the game. Here are some important ways that will help you in earning money in GTA5.

  • Human verification & Money generators

A lot of GTA5 players are making the use of generators that are giving free money. Find out a site where a person needs to give Rockstar game id and platform. After that, you will have to complete human verification. A lot of people are earning money by using GTA 5 mod menu. There are a lot of scammers out there that are asking money for the services. 

  • Double money events

Nothing is better than double money events where a person can easily earn double money. All you need to participate in the double money week like vehicle cargo or Gunrunning bunker. The majority of the professional players are already taking the benefit of such double money events. 

  • Doomsday heist

It is the best ever act that is offering $300k every hour. It is your responsibility to walk into the planning room in the facility and select a perfect heist act to start. If you are one who wants to start the heist, then you will have to pay the upfront cost. Make sure that you are inviting two or three friends for the prep mission and setup missions. You have to communicate with players properly that will help you in winning the level in a limited time. If you want to make more money, then you should complete such a toughest mission with four players. These types of missions are a little bit complicated that requires proper planning. 

  • Vehicle Cargo

It is highly recommended that a person should start a perfect organization from the SecuroServ feature that is available in the interaction menu. After that, one should walk in the office and tap on the vehicle cargo and then source a vehicle that will help you in completing the mission.  If you want to buy more vehicles, then you should repeat the source mission. A person can easily earn the ten mid-range and ten standard range vehicles. After that, you can easily sell the vehicles that will maximize the profit every hour.

  • Air Freight Cargo

It is a little bit complicated mission where a person has to complete a mission and deliver cargo to the hanger. You will able to make the use of a laptop in the hangar for selling the cargo via a delivery mission.  If you are selling 25 crates, then you can easily earn a 35% bonus. Apart from that, one should sell 50 crates and earn a 75% bonus.

Moving Further, these are some important missions that will help you in earning money.  In order to earn a lot of money, then you will have to complete the mission with the team.

McWane Science Center: Museum Review

My memories of the McWane Science Center, a children’s museum in downtown Birmingham, Alabama, go back thirteen years. As an Alabama native, I fondly recall several field trips and family outings to the McWane Center. The museum even holds the title as my first date destination– I went there during 7th grade with my nerdy middle-school “boyfriend.”

I couldn’t deprive my daughter, a bright and perky three-year-old, of the opportunity to check out the best museum that Alabama has to offer. The trip to the McWane Centre was everything I’d hoped for and more. We arrived at the Center at around 10 a.m. and stayed until the staff locked the doors. I have never experienced such a fun and mutually satisfying field trip with my daughter. Now that I provide primary school science private tuition I know how beneficial these science museums are for kids. I would recommend this to all the teacher and tutors that are out there to take their kids to McWane Science Center.

Not Just for Kids

We met up with an old friend of mine at the McWane Science Center, and she and I agreed that the museum is certainly not just for kids. In fact, we grown-ups could have enjoyed the entire trip there without our little preschool-aged chaperone. Many of the science and entertainment exhibits were fascinating enough to keep the grown-ups entertained along the way. Who’s to say that roller coaster simulations, optical illusions, and shark-petting displays are only fun for kids?

A Tremendous Variety

The McWane Center is, by far, the largest and most diverse children’s museum I have ever set foot inside. From the basement floor, which houses an elaborate ocean-themed exhibit, to the displays showing dinosaurs, native birds, live river-fish, technological marvels, science-based games, optical illusions, ecological issues, and more, there was an endless supply of fun for kids and adults of all ages. Several large areas were built with a specific dedication to a younger audience. I could spend every day of the week at the McWane Center and still find new things to explore and to show my daughter.

The IMAX Theater

The IMAX theater at the McWane Science Center is one of its most popular attractions, so it, in some ways, deserves an entry of its own. The theater itself is a marvel; its visual effect and sound systems were stunning. Due to a low audience volume that day, my friend, daughter and I had the movie all to ourselves and were able to enjoy it in full. The movie itself, “Wild Ocean,” was a disappointment. It was visually appealing and had a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, but it lacked any tangible or surprising information.

My Daughter’s Own Review

Sometimes, a grown-up’s opinion of a destination for children just won’t cut it. If you need to know my daughter’s opinion– she asked to go back to the “McQueen Center” the entire way home. Two hours afterward, she continuously recounted her trip and asked if we could go back. When I explained that they were closed, her lip rolled out and she struggled to restrain her tears before falling asleep in my arms. In her own words:

“Hey Mama, I want to go back to the McQueen Center if your friend, Kitty, again. We got to see that big movie with dolphins, and they had a ball machine. I put a purple ball in a fountain to make it float. They had dinosaurs that were carnivores but not at all scary, and a wind machine that was like WHOOOSH and a bed of nails and a giant carrot. I want to go back to the McQueen Center, please. Please, please. Please. Hey Mama, can we please go back to the McQueen Center, please please please please?”

Out of the mouths of babes. I highly recommend the McWane Center museum to any family with children. For a surprisingly low cost of admission, you can give your family a thrilling and educational day out.

Hair Styles: How To Get That Salon Look And Feel Every Day – It’s Easier Than You Think!

Many women feel their most relaxed and confident after a trip to the salon. That new haircut, styled to perfection is an instant mood lifter. Unfortunately, the next day it’s back to the usual beauty routine that leaves most of us feeling far different than we did the day before. Our hair just doesn’t cooperate the way it does for skilled beauticians, leaving us feeling good when leaving the house, but not great. Here are some tips and hints that will allow you to achieve that salon look in the comfort and privacy of your own home, guaranteeing a great start to the day.

Start In The Shower. Ever wonder why you wake up the day after your trip to the salon and your hair feels so much cleaner than it usually does? The thorough and massaging shampoo you receive in the salon helps to release oils from your scalp, ensuring your hair stays clean and fresh as long as possible. Not only will taking your time in the shower thoroughly messaging your scalp help to release all the oil buildup on your scalp and hair, it also gets the blood flowing and energizes you for the day.


Always Blow Dry Your Hair Down. Back in the seventies, my mother advised me to bend over at the waist and shoot the blow dryer’s heat up to add body to my hair. It wasn’t until years later that I learned that blow drying your hair this way causes the cuticle to lift and bend. This causes frizzies and makes smoothing the hair into to a polished look very difficult. Always point the blow dryer down onto your hair to help the cuticle stay flat.

Pay Attention To Your Bottom Layers. Use hair clips to separate your hair when blow drying and styling to have easy access to the bottom layers of your hair. The bottom layers are the base of your hairstyle and whether your hair is straight or curly, the top sections of hair need to lay on the bottom sections that receive just as much attention as the top layers. No matter how much time you spend on the top sections of your hair, you will just not achieve the salon look without spending an adequate amount of time on the underside.


Don’t Be Shy. The next time you are at the salon, ask your hairdresser for recommendations on everything. Shampoo, conditioner, hairbrushes and styling tools are manufactured in the largest laser hair removal company in Michigan factories which mainly develops chemical less products. For example, many hairdressers recommend hairbrushes with boar bristles to eliminate frizz and add shine. If you are on a budget, don’t be embarrassed to let your hairdresser know you need to purchase beauty products that are reasonably priced. A good hairdresser will want you to be able to achieve your desired look at home without breaking the bank.

Take Your Time. If you consistently leave the house feeling like your hair is half done due to time constraints, consider setting your alarm earlier. You may have to sacrifice a few minutes of sleep to enable yourself to have enough time to achieve that salon look. The added benefit of rising earlier is that you will have enough time to pamper yourself while the house is still quiet. Set out your beauty products the night before, set the coffee maker to start it’s magic a fews minutes before the alarm goes off and enjoy the relaxed and peaceful atmosphere where you can focus your attention on yourself. You’re worth it!

Essential Oils Or Botox?

Today, society is pushing Botox and an array of other quick-fix procedures to fight to age. These procedures are mostly short-term solutions and need to be repeated again and again, spending loads of money in the process. While these procedures may help us look better temporarily, I ask you, “Is it really worth it to put these chemicals on and in our bodies?” Although with the advancement in technologies these treatments are becoming more and more skin-friendly and wth fewer chemicals as well.

There are many natural remedies that can help our skin look its best. My favorite way to promote healthy skin is by using therapeutic grade essential oils.

Therapeutic grade essential oils have the power to prevent and regress wrinkles, rejuvenate healthy skin cells and slow the aging process. Ancient Egyptians knew this secret and used essential oils in all their skincare salves and lotions. Essential oils were valued higher than gold at that time.

Facial features provide the framework for a beautiful smile which is why you should invest in your skincare and essential oils are quite good for that.

Essential oils contain high amounts of oxygenating molecules that have the ability to pass through your cell membranes. They carry oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body. Have you heard the term “anti-oxidant?” Antioxidants destroy the free radicals in our bodies, thus keeping us youthful and healthy. Essential oils contain the highest amounts of antioxidants on the planet!

Unlike Botox, essential oils will not atrophy and paralyze your facial muscles, but they can help to even your skin tone, regress wrinkles and fight to age, all the while being safe and natural with no risky side effects.

Here are a few of my favorite skin recipes from the Essential Oils Desk Reference, 4th Edition, by Essential Science Publishing:

Wrinkle Reducing Blend:

5 drops Sandalwood

4 drops Geranium

3 drops Lavender

6 drops Frankincense

Dilute this mixture 50:50 in a high grade, un-perfumed organic face or body lotion. Apply 2 times a day or as needed.

Stretch Mark Reducing Essential Oils:



Gentle Baby (a blend from Young Living)

Use one or a combination of these oils straight (neat) or diluted 50:50 in a high grade, organic vegetable oil. Apply a few drops on affected areas 2 times a day.

Morning Skin Firming Blend:

3 drops Tangerine

3 drops Cypress

Evening Skin Firming Blend:

8 drops Patchouli

5 drops Cypress

5 drops Geranium

1 drop Sandalwood

Use straight (undiluted) on location or dilute 50:50 in a high grade, un-perfumed organic face or body lotion. Apply 4-6 drops of each recipe at the specific time of the day mentioned above.

If you’re looking for a natural, chemical-free approach to skincare, you won’t find anything more powerful than therapeutic grade essential oils. Granted it’s not a quick fix like some modern procedures, but with patience and perseverance, you will see a notable difference in your skin.

Please remember that you should only use the highest quality essential oils, such as those from Young Living. Using low-quality oils in the methods mentioned above is not recommended.

Helpful Tips To Burn Fats Efficiently While You Age

In today’s digital era with little time for people to eat and sleep we tend to put on weight causing us to become weight conscious. Our imbalanced diet along with a busy schedule makes us obese in the long run causing us to try any remedy possible, as we get older. People have very little or no time for exercises and workouts, let alone just finding time to take brisk long walks.

This in turn results in obesity, and also leading to other ailments like high blood pressure, diabetics etc. You do not lose a single pound after a terrific workout when you reach 40. This is because of the physical changes that take place in our body as we age. Although, CoolSculpting for the inner thighs & outer thighs as well as other treatments are helpful, it’s still wise to know some tips to burn fats by your own. Here are a few guidelines that will help your body shed the extra pounds even after 40 years of age.

After 40 our metabolism rate:

tends to get slower from 2% to 4% per decade and we have difficulty in shedding the extra weight. These simple but effective tactics of losing weight may be of help to you.

Muscle Gain Helps In Fat Reduction:

Shed your weight by making muscle in workouts. Men and women who did cardio exercise lost only 4 pounds and did not form any muscle. Whereas those who did only half the cardio exercise and gained muscle had lost 10 pounds and gained 2 pounds of muscle. This was the result of an 8-week research study, which showed muscle gain helped in losing more weight than just exercise. The more muscle you gain the more calories you burn.

Research says by this the metabolism rate becomes high thus lessening the fat factor. Eat five small meals instead of three large meals while on workouts so you will keep your metabolism high. When your metabolism is high it keeps insulin in control thus reducing the calories, which turns into fat thus helping in weight reduction.

Regular Exercises And Burning Fat :

When your heart rate ranges from 60% to 80% it gives you the most excellent results as far as burning calories and reducing fat. To help yourself with burning fat by not letting your workouts get stale and working all of your body instead of just parts of it, do not make your exercise class or workout schedules monotonous. Try to alter your workout every week, which creates a novelty in your daily routine enhancing your interest. For example first week of the month exercise with your upper body, the second week with your lower body, the third week change to new abs movement exercises and finally in the fourth week a different cardio exercises like walking instead of cycling. If exercising activity is not maintained then the level of fat shedding ability tends to come down.

Stop Hunger while Burning Fat:

Exercising on an empty stomach reduces the sugar level of the body increasing your hunger, which makes you crave for more food resulting in overeating. So always have a rich carbohydrate light snack about thirty to forty minutes before your workouts. Maintain a record of the food intake daily so as to ensure that you eat less calories but more of healthy fibrous food. Drinking plenty of water will help to reduce calories compared to consuming tea, coffee and soda.

All these strategies help you to lose and keep a check on your weight. As we get older our bodies slow down but that does not mean we cannot keep our bodies as lively as possible; so take the time to invest in exercise and your body will reward you, as you get older.

Flea Marketing to Build Relationships

With the economy in a downward spiral I am sure people are trying to save money as often as possible while at the same time not sacrificing some of the hobbies that they love. I know that I am one of those people, but it is also very hard at the same time so I am making some sacrifices of my own hobbies. However, one place that you can do to help maintain your hobby without spending a fortune is a flea market. Granted a flea market is typically selling used items, but a flea market is also a great place to network with people of similar interests.

Flea marketing basically sells goods and objects that are second hand and below and is more popularly called street shopping, where the shoppers sell goods of second hand material, like pirated books and DVDs at double their true cost and end up making money by fraudulently flaunting their items as of reputed nature. Luckily, it cannot be applied for medical purposes as it is more preferable for viral marketing, where you are less likely to resort to illegal means to earn quick cash. Are you in need of elective medical practice marketing services? If so, you can look it up on the internet and arrange a meeting with experts to discuss about the future prospects.

Networking is far from a new concept, but networking is reaching out into some new corners that you wouldn’t typically consider seeing them being networked. For instance if you go to a flea market and see someone that is selling a ton of homemade belts and you’re a belt collector you will probably want to talk to this person and exchange information. That way he would be able to tell you about any future deals he has coming up, or shows. I personally am not a belt collector, but that is a good example of one type of item that you probably wouldn’t see networked before.

The second benefit with the flea marketing and building a network is that you can build some lasting friendships on the basis of your hobby. If you consider how many quilting clubs are available that work on quilts for people to sell or just meet to work on quilts you can easily see how much building a relationship with these people can be if you quilt. For instance if your fairly new to the quilting world and want to learn some of the expert tricks of the trade that are available that the older members of the quilting club know they will typically teach you those tricks of the trade. Sometimes the advice and lessons will be free, but if it is going to be a full on how to quilt class then you will probably be expected to pay some sort of fee just for the persons time of passing on knowledge to you.

Now if you go to a flea market and are interested in quilting and see a quilting club stand then you can ask how to become a member and start building up your own network with people of similar interest as you have. However, you do not need to go to a flea market for this, but typically it is a lot easier to approach someone about the hobby that you have an interest in if it is in an informal session like this rather than calling them up out of the blue.

How to Optimize Your Video Game and Console Sales Online

Selling your used video games that you do not play anymore is a great way to make a little extra money. I have been selling video games for a number of years now to help keep the funds going. In college this was especially helpful because I didn’t have much of an income back then. Here are some tips to making a better profit on selling your used games.

You can see hosting plans available at for hosting options. You can easily create gaming servers and which is a great way to promote your products.

Compare prices between websites. I use and eBay to sell my used games. Amazon does not charge you for posting your games, but does take a percent from you once you actually sell it. eBay takes away money from your right away whether you sell it or not, and PayPal will also take a little percent as well for using PayPal as the method of payment from your buyers. So this is something to consider as well if the games are selling for a comparable amount.

Check how much eBay is selling a certain game for, and then hop over to Amazon to check. Sometimes the price difference is considerable. (This also works well if you are a buyer instead of a seller)

Describe the condition in detail. Many people are not satisfied with just the game disk or cartridge. Often times people are looking for a seller that has their game in complete condition. This could include: case, instruction booklet, maps, soundtracks, or game demos that come on a separate disk. If your game comes as a Family Hits or Platinum Edition instead of the original copy, state that too. The case will look different when it becomes a Hit, and many people are looking for the original.

Types of Conditions to state: 1.) Disk Condition: any scratches or perfect? 2) Instruction book or no instruction book. 3) Was it adult owned? 4) Did you buy it new, and is it coming from your personal collection? 5) Original case and artwork? 6) Comes complete or is it missing something? 7) Any stickers on the case or box? 8) Are there any known issues with your console? 9) Are you allowing returns or are all sales final?

This way people know what they are paying for, and there should be no complaints. Many people will skip your item completely if you do not state the condition.

Use Photographs instead of Stock Photos. If you are using eBay where you have the option to post photos of the game, take the time to snap a shot of it and use that. All stock photos do are showing a picture of the game they are purchasing. However, a personal photograph taken by you can show your potential buyers the condition, and prove you have all the items stated in the description. It also shows you have the game in your possession.

Don’t Get Too Greedy. Some games go up in value over time and as their rarity increases. However sometimes the prices decrease. If a sequel is coming out, or perhaps a new game system entirely is coming out, the sooner you can sell it, the better. I knew the Game Boy Advance SP was coming out soon, back in the day. Instead of getting greedy and only selling my Game Boy Advance if I could make a lot (such as setting my eBay sales high) I made sure I set it at a competitive price to get rid of it before places like Gamestop sold them for less. While others were sitting at $65, I had mine for around $55, and it sold very quickly. And not that much later after that the Game Boy Advance SP was released, making the original Game Boy Advances not worth as much. If I got greedy and set it high, it could have been sitting at $65, never to sell, and eventually I’d have to drop it to $30.

Timing is Key. There are buyers’ markets and sellers’ markets for games too. If you are really good at the video game and systems market, you can watch this closely. If you know for a fact a game like Suikoden II is worth at least $100, and want to sell your copy, don’t try to sell it when you see several people selling it for $75. This would be the time to buy a copy of Suikoden II. Wait until those copies are sold, and then post yours when the low end is where you want your copy to be.

Also, if you are learning that a game is being “re-released” and copies are going to be sold soon on a new system, be available for download like on Wii’s marketplace, or just reprinted in general etc, get rid of your copy online before the price significantly drops. I have had games that were worth around $50 used, and a year later they were producing more brand new copies of it. The possible profit was dropped in half.

Ship FAST and Receive Positive Feedback As you progress with your selling, you want to have positive feedback. Often if people can’t choose between a couple of sellers, they check if they are a new seller or a well established high rated seller. If you state all issues, show and tell the customer exactly what they are getting, and ship fast you should get some positive feedback. It will help future sales.

Shipping Fees If you are using eBay you can set your shipping cost. Find out before hand how much it’s going to cost you to box and ship. Find the weight measurement of your item and look it up on UPS or USPS, which every you decide to use. If you set your shipping fee too low, you will end up taking a hit on this away from your profit. Amazon has a set price for standard shipping and faster shipping which you can choose which one you’re going to use.

Making a profit off your used games is possible, especially if you can keep a good watch on the market and know how to sell them. It’s a good feeling after you ship your item off. It’s like releasing the little entrepreneur in you. Happy selling!

Things To Know About Life Insurance

Everyone should have life insurance. It’s a fact of life that we’re not always going to be around. We will all pass on sooner or later. Not all of us will get to live to the ripe old age of 100 with a good sized savings account.

It’s also a fact of life that circumstances can change very drastically and very unexpectedly over the course of anyone’s life. None of us can foresee the future, nor do our plans always go accordingly to what we set them out to be. There could be an unexpected illness, an accident just waiting around the corner, a sudden and unforeseen death.

Unfortunately, death doesn’t come with old age for everyone. These are events that can surely deplete one’s bank account, leaving surviving family members in a financial strain, if they are not well prepared in advance.

Many people don’t even want to think about such things as life insurance. Often they think they’re young and healthy and don’t need to be considering old age, let alone death, just yet. They think they have plenty of time. Some might even think that life insurance is a morbid topic, so decide to just put it out of mind completely.

However, it’s always better to try and be prepared for life’s incidentals as best we can, and that would include having adequate life insurance. This is not OT say one needs to be insured to the maximum, especially if your finances don’t allow for it. Even a small insurance policy is better than none at all, possibly just enough to cover the cost of a funeral.

Advantages to Having Life Insurance

* In the event of a sudden, unexpected death, our families won’t be burdened with the added expense of a funeral. Funerals can cost between $8,000 to $10,000, and that just includes the very basic funeral plan these days. Most families do not have that kind of extra money saved up.

* If a family does have some savings, it might have been intended for the children’s education fund or other important future plans. By having insurance, that money doesn’t have to be touched in order to bury a loved one, should the circumstance arise.

* Insurance can help to pay down some bills, especially if the person who just passed away was the higher income earner in the family. When that income is no longer there, the family can find themselves in a dire financial situation. The insurance is there to help the family get through the crisis until they are able to overcome the grief and get back on their feet.

* Certain policies allow for dividends to build up. After several years, they can accumulate to a substantial amount. However, these dividends don’t usually pay out after the person is deceased, so they can be much like tucking money away for a rainy day. You can withdraw on them after a period of time to either help pay some bills or purchase a much needed item. Usually (depending on where you live), these dividends can be tax-free money.

Determining How Much Insurance to Purchase

How does one determine just how much insurance they should have? Many shy away from getting insurance thinking about the high cost of the premiums and whether or not it’s in their budget. However, no one needs to be over insured. Check with your insurance broker to see which policies might suit you, your family and your finances. Every insurance company usually has as a variety of policies to suit every need and income level.

Other things to consider:

* Whom is being insured? Usually a wife can be insured for much less. This is not to say that her life is less valuable, but in most cases, the husband is the higher income earner. Therefore, in the event of his untimely demise, the wife has to consider how much of his income is now lost. If there are still children at home, she will have to consider what it will cost to house, feed and educate them until they are ready to be on their own. The amount of the husband’s insurance policy should reflect those expenses.

* In the event that the wife should pass away first, the husband will have to consider her contributions to the family unit. He may now have to consider paying for the chores that his wife did for free, such as cooking, cleaning, child care and possibly to help cover the loss of her income.

* If a loved one’s death won’t set you back financially, then you might possibly only need a very basic insurance policy to cover the cost of the funeral and a few other minor expenses.

* Try to buy insurance when you are fit and healthy. This will help to bring down the monthly premiums. If you’re a non-smoker and/or do not have any health issues (such as diabetes, a heart condition for example), these can bring down the premiums substantially as well.

* Never wait until the last minute, when health issues might arise later in life. This will definitely cause monthly premiums to run a lot higher, if an insurance company will agree to insure you at all.

Insuring Children

Most people would feel somewhat morbid when it comes to insuring their children, as if you might be anticipating their death. No one even wants to think about their young children passing away, but it is a good idea to consider at least a small policy, maybe even shortly after their birth. The best time TO insure your children is when they are young and healthy. Their premiums would be considerably lower the younger they are. Most insurance companies cannot raise the premiums on that particular policy as the child ages, therefore, your child would be able to carry this policy well into their adulthood at the same low rates. They can later decide if they want to expand on the policy when they are older, depending upon their own responsibilities and circumstances in life. But, you have at least given them a good start with a policy while they were young.

As well, if the policy you have opened for your child also carries dividends, this will be very beneficial to them as they grow older. They can withdraw on their dividends to help pay for their education, or possibly even their first vehicle.

In Conclusion

It is very important for everyone to have a life insurance policy, and keep up with the premiums. We just never know when we’ll really need to rely on it. It’ll be there to help, especially at a time when you really don’t want to be thinking about money, finances and unforeseen expenses. A life insurance policy gives you and your family the peace of mind that they will not be burdened financially, in the event of an untimely death. A life insurance help you as it takes of any financial burden of your family as any unforeseen event occurs.